Well pretty much with International Recordings we’d like to bring members aboard to become part of a family, where everyone is involved, not so much with the executive decisions being made, but they have a say so with material and other things that most other labels don’t allow certain artists to do. But not only that, we’re also trying to welcome everyone that’s from different countries to come and become part of the label at no cost to them. Pretty much, International Recordings is going to provide them with everything they need, to get their music off the ground.

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Hit ‘Em With the Keys


Gutta World recently got to know Keize: keyboard player, writer, singer, rapper, mixer, and producer out of Phoenix. Find out how he slowly, but surely is breaking into the music industry and not letting anyone get in his way. I was raised into a family that was all into music: my dad, grandparents, everybody. My dad and his brothers had a band, Third Generation, because they were the third generation of musicians in their family. I’m like the fourth generation getting into music. I was raised around his band. He had bought a keyboard for my sister when I was little and I just took it from her and started watchin’ music videos and play along. Before I knew it, I was playin’ by ear.

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Kickin’ It Smooth With Carl B.


I think I’m similar because I rep my city. You know, I rep Frisco to the fullest and 40 reps Vallejo and the Bay to the fullest, and Jack reps the Bay and, you know, Quinn reps the city; and you know, so forth and so forth. We’re similar in that aspect. I dunno, I just got a different vibe. I was incarcerated for eight long years, you know. When I left the Bay, it was still a lot of people talkin’ about social issues and things of that nature. I came home to a new Bay, you know? It was hyphy, it was wild, you know? It was real different and that kinda threw me for a loop. You know, at first when I first came home I tried to get along with the Joneses just to get on, but that’s not me. The style that I actually have, I been workin’ on for years.

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Big Syke Interview


I had a chance to talk to Big Syke, best known for his work with 2Pac. He opened up in our exclusive interview from how he met 2Pac to his upcoming female lounge gear clothing line, and even him and Pac’s craziest moments. Well after that I ran into Pac. After I had pressed up my album and got my little label going. I met 2Pac and he said he wanted to start this thing called Thug Life. And we went to the studio and did the first song called Thug Life and it was history from there on.

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