Wiz And Amber Talk Marriage And Miley In First Post-Wedding Interview

Rap News - Wiz And Amber Talk Marriage And Miley In First Post-Wedding Interview

Two weeks after their secret wedding? in Pennsylvania, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa finally shared some details of their blessed day on Thursday during their first post-nuptials interview. “It was better than I thought it was gonna be,” Amber told Hot 97′s Angie Martinez about the blessed day. “It was beautiful. I’m so proud of my baby for what she did,” added Wiz. “She put all of that together and everybody’s ranting and raving over every little detail about it. Those things didn’t happen on their own, she did it.”

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Sean Kingston Arrested For Gang Rap

Rap News - Sean Kingston Arrested For Gang Rap

Sean Kingston and his bodyguard gang raped a drunk teenager in the singer’s hotel room back in 2010, according to a new lawsuit — but Sean says it’s B.S. Carissa Capeloto — now 22 — claims she was forced to have sex with Sean, his bodyguard and a member of Sean’s band at a Seattle hotel in July, 2010, after she had smoked pot and downed 7-10 shots of vodka.

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Rap + Hick = Bandit Farley The Official Interview


It’s rap and country combined. I’m rapping but it’s more in a hick way. I’ve never heard a sound or style like mine.

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“Twerking” Added To Oxford Dictionary


While the dance now known as “twerking” has been a part of rap music’s vocabulary for years (ie the Ying Yang Twins’ 2000 hit “Whistle While You Twurk,” the ultimate ass shaking anthem Juvenile’s 1999 classic “Back That Thang Up,” and almost every song ever recorded by Luke & 2 Live Crew) it took a former Disney star for twerking to officially go mainstream. Miley Cyrus’ much talked about VMA performance over the weekend and her viral videos that took over the internet earlier this year have made the pop star the face of “twerking” for Middle America and apparently Great Britain as well.

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Luvelli Says It Best About Miley Cyrus’ Performance At The VMA’s


Gutta World thinks Jon Luvelli said it best regarding all the ranting about Miley Cyrus’ performance last night at the VMA’s. This is what Luvelli said earlier today on his Facebook page: “The song, “We Can’t Stop” is very well produced and the lyrics are written properly for the effect desired. Her choice for this change in style/acting is spawned by the need to recreate herself. It’s hard for someone growing up in the limelight, most of the time they just fade out. This was a career move and is nothing but her way of creating a niche for herself.

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VMA Winners

2013 vmas

Some of the MTV VMA winners from last night.

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