Joe Budden Vs. Method Man Heat Up

Posted: Wednesday – May 27, 2009 @ 3:38 PM

Lyrically, Joe Budden thinks that he’s Method Man’s superior and the notion has taken on new heights as the New Jersey rapper conducted an interview this morning.

“I will cut that dudes head off his shoulders,” Budden said on the Ed Lover Morning Show. Budden wasn’t talking physically, but his verbage spoke volumes about how he feels he ranks above his Wu Tank counterpart.

“Method Man’s not going to be able to survive [a lyrical battle],” Budden continued. “Its gonna be hard for him.”

Budden told Ed Lover and Free of Power 105.1 in New York that he had respect for Meth and didn’t want to see anything turn violent.

“That is not knock against Method Man, Wu Tang, Redman – since he wanted to jump in too. I mean, I can’t be from Jersey and not love Redman,” Budden said.

The whole matter started after listed their Top 50 rappers in a tourney-style event to determine the best artist. Budden questioned the credibility of the list and the inclusion of several acts.

Method Man responded quickly by calling into the radio station.

“My folks advised me to take the high road. I’m a smart n***a so I know off top this dude is trying to bait me,” Meth said. “He been on medication since he was in junior high school. The n***a is certified crazy.”

“Every week he picks somebody to mess with and I ain’t really heard nobody respond to this dude except other dudes that’s on that same level as him.”

Meth did admit that Joe Budden is a worthy battle rapper, but said he would not be backing down.

“As far as battle rapping, by all means, Joe Budden gets it in. He’s a battle rapper. I ain’t never been known for battle rapping,” Meth said. “But I tell you this, I meet any challenge from any challenger.”

“On a lighter, note son can’t mess with me.” Meth said. “Stop being a cry baby.”

Method Man offered two options.

He said he wanted to see do a song with Joe Budden and let the fans decided who is best. He also proposed that he and Budden meet “face to face.”

DMX Released From Arizona Prison

Posted: Wednesday – May 27, 2009  @ 3:36 PM

Yonkers Hip-Hop star DMX is free after serving over 90 days in jail on drug, fraud, and animal cruelty charges, a representative confirmed with

The rapper was released from “Tent City,” aka the Maricopa County Jail, late yesterday afternoon (May 13).

DMX’s conviction and prison sentence was a culmination of a 2008 filled with legal woes.

The rapper’s last arrest resulted in an extradition back to Phoenix after attempting to hide out in producer Scott Storch’s Florida mansion.

Originally, DMX, born Earl Simmons, was to serve only 90 days in jail.

His tenure was extended when he faced additional charges for allegedly assaulting a corrections officer over a food dispute.

During his incarceration, X revealed plans to start a Christian ministry upon his release.

“I’m gonna start a TV show called Pain and Perseverance, it’s about how I can reach people that the average person can’t reach because I’m grounded,” he stated. “I’m going to give my first sermon, in the church. That’s going to be incredible for me and hopefully the congregation of that church. I’ve completed my gospel album. On every one of my albums there’s been a gospel song and prayer. Because of my image those songs are never made singles except my sixth album where they did ‘Lord Give Me a Sign.’”

DMX was originally supposed to release a double album, one with his Hip-Hop comeback titled Walk With Me Now, the other a gospel album titled You’ll Fly with Me Later.

Both projects remain in limbo.

At press time, DMX has not released a statement confirming his plans for the rest of 2009.


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