Posted: Thursday – February 25, 2010

Yo Gotti has made his living in the kitchen the last few months. After huddling over the oven for one more round, Gotti sounds as if he has perfected his whip game.

It’s early, but Cocaine Muzik Pt. 4 has potential to be in the running for one of the best mixtapes of 2010. Not just a freestyle tape, Gotti produced an albums worth or quality material. Showcasing his underrated delivery and lyrical ability, Gotti shows a more mature side of the trapper turned rapper.

Part of that maturation was bringing in new life in the form of South Memphis emcee Zedzilla. Holding down Gotti, Zilla goes head to head with Gotti on a bulk of the tracks for Cocaine Muzik.

DJ Drama takes a back seat for this special edition of Gangster Grillz as Gotti is hands down the star of this show. The disc starts off with a requisite freestyle but from there he goes in putting together a collection of trap bangers.

The first brick out the stash Quit Calling My Phone where Gotti and Zedzilla go back and forth talking about people trying to get in touch with them now that they’re popping. So Hood is a heater where Zedzilla goes for it solo. Both songs have potential to get some serious run in the underground.

Beside the Lil Wayne assisted Women Lie, Men Lie and Yung LA and J Futuristic backed Any Nigga, you won’t hear any other voices on the Cocaine Muzik outside of Gotti and Zedzilla.

Yo Gotti goes deeper than rap with Touchdown. He goes at any and all haters in his city. Lines like, “What’s make you think you G as me/ Like you G like me/ Coming round here talking down/ Bitch you ain’t supposed to be with me,” give you a feeling of how hard he’s going in on this track. He then lays a thinly veiled diss at a certain North Memphis rapper when he says, “Don’t let Project Pat and Juicy J get your ass wet.”

Overall Cocaine Muzik Pt. 4 does its job as a good set-up for his next studio album Live From The Kitchen but it also sets the bar pretty high. Which can be a good thing, or a bad one.