Posted: Monday – March 8, 2010


If raunchy tales of sexhibitionism are your m.o. why not make a record about it?  On his debut opus, Sex Sells, rapper O DA ADDIC does just that, delivering odes to his love for women, sex and all sorts of racy debauchery with enough fervor to make R. Kelly proud.

Indeed, in an era where Tiger Woods has gotten more notoriety out of his sex exploits then his golf game, O DA ADDIC fits right in.  Fans of carnal pleasure won’t be able to resist Sex Sells, the New York-based, underground vet’s first official LP.  Keep the kiddies away off of this one.  Sex Sells is crammed with horny, pimped-out vibes backed by enough distorted synthesizers to make your hands moist.

“Have Ur Baby” is a hilarious ode to baby-making, while “All Night Long” delivers sexual conceit at its highest with DA ADDIC cautioning, “It’s still on my first nut/second hour soaking/Call me Clarence Carter/a nigga be strokin’”.  The sexcapades are spread out here with perfunctory subject matter: freaky sex, oral sex, breakup sex, backshots, the whole nine.  “Do it my way, we can do it all day,” DA ADDIC sings.  After listening to Sex Sells, you’ll have no choice but to believe him.

- Cleon Alert