Posted: Tuesday – June 23, 2009


Mos Def is back with his 4th album called Ecstatic. This is the album worth buying for all true hiphop fans. 16 innovative singles, Mos Def shows his growth artistically throughout his album with elements of Brazilian funk to eastern Xlophones and to the b boy style for which he’s known for. Mos Def is full of charisma and features some of the top musical artists in the music business such as, Slick Rick, Talib Kweli, the beat maker Hugo from the Neptunes and George Anne Muld-row.

This is not your ordinary commercialized album that you hear on the radio and its a breath of fresh air. You’ll hear what real hiphop is all about and that is being a true artists by makeing music from the soul and thats what Mos Def has accomplished on this impressive album. My favorite singles are Twilight Speedball, Auditorium, Life in Marvelous Times, The Embassy, Workers Comp, and Revelations. This album is a must buy for your album collection, its another classic album from Mos Def, he’s back.


- DJ Supreem