Posted: Saturday – July 18, 2009


Knowing nothing other than confinement, fighting for survival and maintaining sanity, Maino exhibits how important his criminal past life is important to his current lifestyle and his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes… This Brooklyn native is ready to show the world that granted he was locked away he’s no longer a product of a harsh and unstable environment.

If Tomorrow Comes… is not only an album saturated with southern influence and authenticity but somewhat of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Maino dismisses all those who’ve doubted him on his way to converge into a decent human and a successful rapper. Hi Hater is a spit in the face to those haters. High-leveled and an anthem in its on right, Maino kills with kindness versus violence on this track.

All The Above continues to resonate the ongoing phoenix them but with the assistance of T-Pain, this message is conveyed via Autotune.

On Let’s Make A Movie the sex factor is incorporated. The track beats around the bush on what Maino wants but with a few body part and sex tape references, one will get the point. Claiming that he can make the broad of his desires famous through this movie exhibits cockiness and maybe a slight disrespect for women.

He don’t beat women but make no mistake, he ain’t no pussy is what is exclaimed on Kill You. Maino doesn’t evoke enough emotion to make the aforementioned statement a reality as this track proves to a lackluster performance.

If Tomorrow Comes… is a great attempt of Maino to become something groundbreaking in the world of rap. Thanks to his singles, his presence is known to most but if to gain high respect his themes of crime and bitches is something of the norm. Good luck on your sophomoric attempt.