Posted: Wednesday – September 30, 2009


Remember when Southern rappers first came into the mainstream? With candy coated cars, a disgustingly amount of jewelry and dentistry consisting of diamonds and gold caps this rare breed introduced the world to this lifestyle alongside with their version of what they call rap. Lil Boosie’s interpretation doesn’t quite seem up to par with his counterparts.

Superbad: The Return Of Boosie Bad Ass shows Boosie as some simple-minded rapper with talks of everything that’s been said about the partying, girls and money and with a voice that questions how could that sound come from the like of Boosie.

Better Believe It is the album’s best track due to the guest appearance of Young Jeezy, who’s lyrical content sustains more substance and feeling than the likes of Boosie. Who Can You Love with Bobby Valentino is another highlight of the album due to the accompanied vocalist. It seems with Boosie’s rapid fire flow that he pair well with those who give balance to his lyrics.

The songs seem to mess around with the same topics within each other. Lawd Have Mercy discusses about surviving the street life, Loose As A Goose doesn’t need any explanation and Crayola takes the beloved children’s crayon and links colors to the whips he drives.

Maybe it was Lil Boosie’s departure from Trill Entertainment that might have made blown his ego up a little (no pun intended) but it doesn’t work wonders on this album. Not enough variety and the production of songs sound identical. I hope this isn’t the return of Boosie and that this is all he has to offer.