Posted: Wednesday – November 25, 2009


On Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent has returned back to his rough treacherous self, limiting the number of guest appearances and straying away from pop infused hits, that have somewhat watered down his fierceness. It seems that the pressure is on for 50 to either put up or shut, after using bullying tactics to stay in the media.

With that said, is Before I Self Destruct worth all the hype and date push backs? This is where things get complicated. 50 does go back to his Get Rich Or Die Tryin era, but the things he said back then, aren’t going to work this time around.

On The Invitation, the title speaks for itself as the brash 50 Cent brags about his fame, large quantity of drugs and contracting the same STD as the boys from his hood from having relations with the neighborhood chick. He does so in an aggressive manner that he feels the need to growl. The production is solid but 50’s need to call out rivals is getting old.

“Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire,” 50 chants in Baby By Me. With the assistance of Ne-Yo’s vocals, we are shown a somewhat nicer but more of the sexual deviance that 50 is. This being the album’s hit single, it does just that of what a single should be, a club banger, radio friendly and bass bumping.

Do You Think About Me gives insight on a past love of Curtis that he constantly remembers. The good times are highlighted but the child support and wanting more money linger over the aforementioned and the heart broken 50 goes in silence as the back up vocals speak his unspoken thoughts.

To answer the question if this album was worth the hype and wait? Yes. 50 gives his fan exactly what they wanted. A 16 track piece of work that is composed of the good, bad and evil 50 Cent that can be loved by all. If 50 can just keep level-headed and not start fights, he might be a better person.

- By Jeremy Carmona